Thursday, September 6, 2012

Believe in Miracles

This whole process with Cav has reminded of me of the days of Jesus when he touched and healed.
 I know in this day and age we so often forget that God is present WITH us.
That Miracles happen EVERY single Day.

TODAY, well,
today was our day.
We have seen many blessings on our journey,
we have even seen some miracles,
but today was all God.
Today we touched Jesus's cloak,
AND today our son walked.

Now that statement alone brings tears to my eyes but let me tell you what the difference is. . .

This is a child who was never supposed to stand,
he had no tibia on the short side and minimal tibia on the long,
stood at his crib rails.
Our son didn't experience life before Dec,
and now he plays freely in the grass.
Our son was an outcast,
who had no future,
but he must have watched,
and learned,
and well the glory is all HIS.

In all his years of being a prosthetist,
no one had ever seen someone just get up,
and WALK!

They grabbed the iPhones,
they cheered,
and well, we praised His glory through our tears!

And if you want to see how wild he was after jsut about 20 minutes on his new legs (this is longer) and please ignore his mother's loud voice ugh!


  1. Tears here for your precious little boy. What a sweet picture of the miracle of Jesus' healing! Thanks for sharing - Julie

  2. Tears...tears...tears...! I had to jump down to the videos then come back and finish reading. JOY JOY JOY! I could not be more thrilled for your little man!

  3. I'm just sitting here crying away. Oh what an amazing miracle - what an amazing new life lies ahead for Cav. There just aren't words to express what I'm feeling right now. Hooray for Cav and hooray for miracles!

  4. This made me cry again tonight! It has been a rough day at our house but Cav & Terry made me smile. We love Terry and seeing him work with your little man makes us love him even more!

  5. What a wonderful wonderful video and achievement for a very special brave little boy.. it brought a tear to our eyes to see this wonderful occasion.. Go Cav Go ... no stopping you now..there will be many falls and tumbles for awhile but every day will be another better day and you will be running around in no time...lots of love from Helen & Graham Dawson , southern.. New Zealand

  6. Tears of Joy every time I think of what God is doing in this sweet boys life. I wish I would have videoed the look on Samuel's face when i showed him Cav walking. Praying for your sweet family!

  7. My daughter from Bulgaria was made in the same way... she is AK on her right and BK on her left... she has learned how to use a razor scooter and ride a bike without training wheels... ALL things are POSSIBLE!

  8. WOW! Just truly amazing! He is an amazing and special child. What a testimony to God's amazing power and healing.
    We ALL gathered around the computer last night and watched him. Over and over and over again.
    Our girls were just in awe and so excited for him. Lena asked why we can't get Josie legs like that! lol is a bit different I said. But believing God can help her walk someday herself too!!!
    Blessings to you. Just so awesome!

  9. This made me cry tears of joy! Looks like you might have a soccer star on your hands! Way to go Cav!

  10. My dd was the same way. She was using a walker while we waited for her leg, and she ditched the walker for good 3 days after she got the leg. There are a couple videos of her if you click the Hannah picture on my blog.

  11. Hi! I'm your newest follower and fellow adoptive mom!! I look forward to connecting with you!


  12. He is Amazing!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, just precious those smiles and achievements!

  13. WOW. Wonderful. Cav is fantastic

  14. WOW. Wonderful. Cav is fantastic