Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fei's surgery

So we are 24 hours post op, and I have to say that although I lacked the complete faith that Fei would make it through the surgery, I knew if she ultimately went to be with Jesus, she was ready . . . and truly can we ask for more as a parent.

The unfortuantely part of our situation is that the 50 mile drive is almost all country, which leaves time for A LOT of thinking . . . AND crying.

So yesterday Fei and I packed up our stuff, and left for Denver.
My sweet smiley girl was actually excited for her trip to the Dr and of course the bag of goodies she spotted.

Although it was a late - squeeze in- cuz it really needs to get done surgery, they actually started right on time!  I have to admit I did apologize to the Dr's for such a long time, and they all showed us such Grace.

Remember how the anesthesiologist was such a Blessing during Cav's surgery.  So in walks in a Texas cowboy (cuz he was too cowboy for Colorado.)  After talking to him, I found out that he not only LOVES doing anesthesia for neurosurgery but actually teaches about this surgery and the special considerations required for children with achondroplasia!  OK God totally had our Fei in his hand!!

Took her to the back and left her with my now favorite cowboy!

My dear friend who drove all the way from the Springs, jsut to sit with me, walked with me to Panera's for a bite.  (cuz they have to get the ok from the surgeon for you to go by car.)

One of the nicer things about such a major surgery is we had our own waiting room.  So we sat and talked and watched the clock.  It took 3 hours to get the arterial line (so they could monitor her blood pressure) in her chunky little self.  Just about the time they called I was pretty close to panic.

The actual surgery only took 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  She did great!!

She went directly form the OR to the ICU.  Shortly after she was settled they came and got me so that I could spend the night by her side holding her hand through the rails.

She really did well, even though they had to wake her EVERY HOUR through the night to check and make sure she was NOT showing symptoms that might indicate neuro issues.

Morning after

So thrilled to eat something!

Daddy and Cav mid morning, and we switched off.  About that time she started waking up more.  Of course we had an issue with Cav whether the change in routine, attention on Fei or a bad day but we left the ICU with him screaming all the way home (until he fell asleep 10 min from home ugh!)

Fei is still doing fabulous, and loving her daddy there catering to her every whim.

Loving my Starlight bear!!

Her doll and blanket from teh kids!!

God has so incredibly blessed our family.  Though we have been through a lot this summer, we have truly been blessed by kids who have a great spirit when it comes to recovery!


  1. So glad to hear that all went well and she is back to her smiling, happy self! Love the cowboy anesthesiologist! : ) God totally orchestrated that one!

  2. These made me smile! So glad she is doing well.

  3. Praise God!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congratulations on a successful surgery! We were praying for you, FeiFei! We will continue to pray for smooth sailing and a speedy discharge so that you can rest at home.

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  6. Feifei is just too adorable for words! Seeing her big smile (even after major surgery) brought tears of joy to my eyes. So thankful to hear that she is doing so well!

  7. Wow, she looks wonderful for what she has been through. What a little trouper! She is too adorable. Thank you Lord!

  8. Such a precious precious daughter!!!! Sooo thankful!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! And praying for the rest of the kids too! It is hard to share the attention!!! <3 Love ya Sista!