Sunday, September 23, 2012

SUnday Snapshot {florabella}

I bit the bullet and had to buy Florabella Colorplay! (they had a coupon on their FB page!!)

I have held off on buying much of everything for a long time . . . cuz you know 3 adoptions in 1 year and so many friends also adopting and in need.

BUT, I also know my soul and I jsut don't have the time to fiddle with photographs like I did before.

So I purchased, and while I cuddled with Fei as she recuperated I went through my file of most favorite but never edited pics.

I came across the one below taken when Brahm got a black eye!

But truly it speaks to me how he takes on the world.  Despite being the size of a 2-3 year old (he has dwarfism & is 6) he played lacrosse against kids up to 9 years old today.  He is an inspiration to everyone watching.  

Photo specifics ~

Besides the fact that his hair and eyes are the SAME color, 
his eyes truly speak to the soul (or maybe just mine!)

Canon 5d
50mm lens*
Florabella Colorplay Recipe ~ 
Perfect color
Organic 58%
Ethereal 5%
Dramarama 65%

Ni Hao Yall

** If you look at his picture, since I used the 50mm lens his focal plane is very shallow.  Because of Brahm's particular type of dwarfism, his head is long from front to back.  You can totally see in this picture how blurred the 'forehead' area is.


  1. He is beautiful! What a great picture!!

  2. Such a determined look in his eyes - A very sweet photo!

  3. He is a CUTIE!!! LOVE his big brown eyes:)) So happy to hear you have Florabella's Colorplay actions...I love them!!! Enjoy!
    God Bless,

  4. what a little warrior he is... gotta love his fighting spirit! fabulous picture, Yvette!