Friday, September 14, 2012

Cav walks!

OK you know my post jsut about an hour ago LOL!

Well, scratch that.

With a little help bribery (cuz who are we kidding) from the chocolate chips he decided to let go!

My biggest boy in the background was 16 mos and we had to bribe him with M&M's LOL!  who says they aren't related LOL!!

Again please forgive my annoying voice and messy kitchen - this was so unexpected . . . and well we all know how much I hat the stupid walker LOL!


  1. Love!!!!!!!!! Wow that boy is amazing!!!!

  2. Wow! He is doing AMAZING! Can't stop smiling!

  3. LOVE!!!!!!!!! Cav is such a special little guy!!! That smile is just killer!!!

  4. CAV- that was so AWESOME! Way to go big guy!

  5. Dont kids teach us stuff!! We're all super worried and they're all : adapt, get up, do it, go. This is nothing! AWESOME!!

    Question: can you/ would you care to explain the differences in his legs and why they chose not to let one bend? How does that all work? I understand a different leg is needed for the difference in the length of his limbs, but other than that I noticed a litle when he walked that it seems like one hip is a little higher and I wonder if after a lot of walking, if he will fatigue on one side? Just curious for someone who has no familiarity with this.

    Also wanted to mention how poignant and striking and emotion capturing your photographs were the day he got his legs! I felt so in the moment. LOVED IT. and Gosh he is one handsome kid. Goodness!

  6. Go Cav! And your kitchen and voice are absolutely fine. :) I look forward to meeting you and your family someday!

  7. Love, love, love seeing Cav walk! My boys watched it too...and asked if you nicknamed Cav, "Stinko"? Hahaha. I'm sure there's a story. ;) Either that, or we heard you wrong. Either way, funny! Beautiful to hear your mama's voice cheering your son on!

  8. Tears in my eyes, he's beautiful! Way to GO Cav!

  9. That is AMAZING!!! Way to go Cav!!! Wow!!!

    BTW, sorry I missed praying for Miss Fei, but I'll keep her in my prayers now. So thankful the surgery was successful and uneventful ... and glad she got the same memo my babes get ... to WOW the doctors with a quick exit from the hospital!