Friday, August 31, 2012

Owl Mail

I had another rough day yesterday.  I can't even pinpoint why, but I have gotten to the point that reading facebook jsut puts me in a - feel sorry for myself mood.  We were DTC on May 30th, it then took 3 weeks to be LID (6/20)  this is normally 1 week.  The whole summer and nothing on Griffin.  People are getting close to travel that sent their Dossiers at the same time.  Now don't get me wrong - I am thrilled for each one of my friends - but it is jsut hard.

Anyhow, I got home last night from a Women's Ministry meeting (which did my soul good!) and realized I needed to change the little piece of paper I have been using to keep track of dates.

Instead of counting each day as it passed, I would circle 120 days from LID and if our LOA came before that I figured I would be thrilled.

As I was circling October 18th,

I also thought I should circle 120 days from our RFE date

SO I circled November 15th (oddly enough the same day I originally was trying to beat since that was when our visa's from our last trip are good until)

You know it did my soul good to realize that even worst case scenerio we would have the baby home by the beginning of 2013.

 The angst was gone.

Now I wish that was the whole story but then the title would make no sense LOL!

As we were getting ready for bed the dogs lost their mind.  We have a can't shut up Collie and a 3 lb Yorkie.  I know if I hear the lazy ole Yorkie there is something trying to get our chickens.

We figured it was the stinking Husky or Coyotes again so I sent hubby out - cuz . . . well, you know!!

He was gone a long time, so I thought I would see what the commotion was.

As I walked out I heard the strangest thing.

For a minute I thought it was a really loud Dove (we have tons at our house which I love!)

Nope, it was an OWL!

We live in Colorado, we have lived here for 30 years and I can NOT ever remember seeing an OWL!!

AND he was huge.

When I woke this morning it dawned on me that either this was a fabulous sighting or really bad (thinking of Fei's surgery in particular).

As I was googling owl's and symbolism my cell rang!


Griffin Taomega born 5/13/10 - 
we will be there soon sweet angel!

Anyhow, I jsut got home from drop off and walked into my office.  I had to laugh.  What was sitting there?  The gorgeous OWL purse I won from my friend Tracey's auction!  God has giving me winks all along I just had no idea what they meant!

And since I am pretty vocal about how bad our last agency was, I want to also be sure to say how incredibly magnificent our new agency is.  Apparently our NEW references were misplaced in Chin@ and Madison sent their in country rep to check on it several times.  After talking to them they really went to bat for us.  They are truly about the kids!


  1. Oh, Yay!!! So happy for you... and you want to know something else interesting... yesterday I bought an outfit for my little girl waiting in China and it has an OWL on the pocket!! Yep! True story! : )

  2. Yay! How wonderful! We have also had an amazing God wink (love that term!) this past week. (on my blog - post titled "Whataya Know"). Just heard from our agency today that we should be DTC for our daughter in two weeks. Can't believe it...time is just slowly dragging. So happy for your LOA - your little boy is an absolute doll!

  3. Oh praise God!!! Soooo happy for you....and lovin Taomega as a middle name! Lol cant wait for you to travel and yup...Madison is the best!