Monday, August 27, 2012

Wrong Line

I think I have resigned myself to being in the long line for LOA's.
I am standing here with my cart full,
of cute baby clothes,
hopes and dreams,
heck I even made dinner tonight for SIX kids.

Um, hello . . . one is eating breakfast with his foster family today LOL!
I swore I wouldn't be like this,

Yeah, right
I jump at ever phone call,
I hate leaving the house
jsut encase I MISS the call.

You know the one from the agency,
who I am sure will overnight my package even if I don't talk to them.
Of course they have EVERY number I have access to.
PLUS, I have email on my phone.

Even my kids (meaning my daughter)
asks several times a day if we got the letter yet.
Just encase in my excitement I forget to tell her.

And the sane part of myself,
realizes this is THE dumbest thing for me to be worrying about!
Really, I mean we have a cranial surgery,
and have to find some legs,
and possibly teach one little boy to walk,
and my dang kids talked me into playing,

oh and did I mention

Yep, 3 kids playing on SIX TEAMS!

OK, see I knew you would make me feel better.
The last thing I need right now is to leave for China,

BUT oh do my arms ache to hold my baby.
Who my husband reminds me is no longer a baby and is very worried about the update we got (in March) particularly this statement!

"If he gets mad, he will sleep on the floor and roll over. The foster parents need to be patient to deal with it."
Yep, he will fit in perfectly!!


  1. I've been totally thinking and of y'all, especially over the past few days. COME ON!! Let's get this party started!!!!

  2. Ugh... I remember those long waiting days and for some reason, we always had the longest LOA waits in the book. Praying yours will come quickly and praying for all the chaos in life... surgeries, new legs (tell Terry "hi"for us, you will be in great hands:) and enjoy all the games ahead.

  3. Yep! Long line. Got a mild case of shingles waiting for our LOA, it was stressing me out so much! Just got it a day 64. Dossier copy for us as well. I was starting to say "if" we ever get our LOA... as you know, it "will" come. As you stated, you've got a lot to keep you busy but it doesn't take away that deep desire to hold your child in your arms. Praying for LOA very soon for your family... 'cause you don't want to stress yourself into a case of shingles... trust me! : )

  4. Oh Yvette......The waiting is the hardest part for sure! I am praying that your "long Line" is very short all of a sudden!! I know we have talked many, many times and I want you to know I am here to chat whenever you need me as you certainly have always made me feel better when I was down. Oh and when ever you wanna pull your hair out with busy schedules, just think of my crazy crew!! I know that I cannot wait to finally see that sweet boy in your arms!!