Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cav is horrified! (funny)

You know since it has been a whopping 4 days since surgery Cav has wiggled out of & destroyed
his leg wrap from his longer leg (that has been in a cast all summer) LOL.

So we figured we might as well take it off and wash the little stinker since he was busily scratching the part of his leg he could reach - raw!

I started unwrapping and then thought to pull, yep it slid right off!

So these are the pictures of him looking at his leg for the FIRST TIME! (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics I didn't actually think this through before pulling the wrappings off!)

Now the above pics might make you want to cry for him until I add the little bit of information that infact he was horrified by the fact that his leg was covered in 

That's right folks, he was fine with the amputation -
 infact he asked if he was getting his legs so he could run like Oscar!

But the 'side effect' of the surgery (can't remember if the Dr said tibial osteotomy or amputation) but sometimes they see rapid hair growth!

And my sweet boy was HORRIFIED!!


  1. This post actually made me laugh. At first I was horrified that you would show Cav's dismay at realizing his legs were gone....and then I laughed when I read he was upset about the hair on his legs. The mind of a child; how wonderful that what upsets him is something that will take care of itself....And he will run like Oscar.

  2. LOL! Oh, this kid is so awesome. Love it!

  3. ohhhh sweet boy!!! and yes, he will run like Oscar 'cause Cav has a beautiful, incredible momma too!!! <3