Thursday, August 2, 2012

Equiping SN kids for sports

Today is our little mans birthday.

We searched for the typical toys but we also had the daunting task of finding him something very special.

If you don't know Brahm is turning six and has a rare form of dwarfism  He is proportionate but tiny.  He doesn't even weigh 30 lbs, and is at least a head shorter then the next smaller kid in his year group.  In addition, his joints are bad - as in grandpa joint bad.  He will deteriorate as he gets older until he will need at least bilateral hip and knee replacements (hopefully not until his 20's).  He is a chronic pain kid already but he never lets any of these things to stop him.

Our incredible little guy is dying to play a sport this fall.  He settled on . . . LACROSSE!

Does his choice scare my husband and I to death ~ absolutely.

BUT we would never let on to him, ensuring his safety from the sidelines.  Watching every movement, ready to leap at the single sign of aggressive play that might hurt him.

Most parents will be borrowing the equipment from the team.

But being a mom of a very special little guy means that this momma scours every store in town searching racks upon racks for the tiniest equipment.  Analyzing construction to see if alterations are possible.  Jumping for joy when the dark back corner holds the treasure.  A XXS piece of equipment that looks only a tiny bit big.

Many calls to the Daddy - a sounding board that I am sure has no idea or even care but indulges my indecision that this piece will fit our little guy.

Lacrosse gloves, elbow pads and then shoulder pads! SCORE!

Besides being a super shopper, it takes creativity too.  We had to piece together a stick and actually used a girl base which is lighter but wider to fit a unique top.  He will be unique but we are praying this will work.

Lastly, was the helmet.  Since his head is large (as in a 6 year olds head on a 2-3 year olds body) helmets became the bane of my existence.  I searched and searched an searched.  Finally we found a fully adjustable lightweight helmet that we hope will fit him, provide the protection and be lightweight enough.

Little man was so incredibly excited to receive his super Lacrosse equipment this morning for his birthday - he now looks just like his big brother.

The excitement I feel that I have accomplished the impossible of piecing together a tiny protection suit so that maybe, just maybe he will stay safe and the playing ground has leveled a tad.


  1. Awe he is so cute! My little brothers play lacrosse. On my littlest brothers team there is one little guy who is two heads smaller than everyone else- the other team is always surprised when he gets by them by going through their legs!

  2. LOVE!!!!! You are the best mommy E.V.E.R.!!!!!!! Brahm looks like a pro!!!! Can't wait to hear about his games and what he likes best about the sport!

  3. He looks ready to go! That's wonderful that you see beyond your fears and let him truly experience things. :)