Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The lose of a mind and school

Before I tell you about the kids starting school (ok I recognize no one cares LOL but I keep this for my memory!)

It is very important to note that Cav has lost his mind LOL!  Truly, I didn't see it coming.  We had back to school on Monday.  All 5 kids bringing their bags of crap supplies, meeting teachers, etc.  I worked hard to be organized and make this seamless.  Yeah NO!  Everyone and I mean everyone seems to know atleast one of our kids.  ABout the time I was adding money to school lunches Cav no longer could filter the noise, the chaos, the activity.

HE LOST IT . . . for TWO days.

Like in back to the first months home.  Ugh I was so not ready for this.  But now I know, now I can try and be prepared.  DUH, that is why he loses it everytime we went to a school function.

Oh and encase you don't know it's a preK-12 school and I'm not talking small!

Ok sorry for the public service announcement LOL!


On to the First day of SCHOOL!

It was actually oddly nice, we have a staggered start so I only had Brahm and Morgan.

Brahm is starting FIRST grade (apparently passing on he is a dwarf with chronic pain wasn't deemed important.)  I always have a hard time with the beginning of all day school (yes we still have 1/2 day kindergarten!)

Morgan is going to FIFTH grade - she was at a different specialty school last year so she was nervous too.  Luckily, one of her friends from 3rd grade is in her class!  She worried for a week what to wear - I thought she looked so grown up!

And yes we have a giant triceratops in our yard.  The kids love it - and well what else do you do with a crazy birthday present for hubby!

And come back later for FeiFei's Kindergarten pictures - cuz I know you really care. . . less LOL!


  1. HI - I found your blog a while back from one of the adoption yahoo groups (I think). I have enjoyed reading your blog now and then - I am also an adoptive mama (and adopting again, this time from China). LOVE your dino in the yard!! My kids would love that! Just thought I would write to tell you some one does care about hearing your stories. So understand the "losing it" scenario you are talking about...we still deal with those. God bless - Julie

  2. 1) How absolutely heartbreaking that Cav. is having trouble. Back in January we planned a "Family Game Night" at our church to celebrate our little guys birthday (the one in China) was NOT a fundraiser, just a night to have fun (we had like 3 people show up)...Anyway, our son Kaden (age 7) who has anxiety, PTSD and RAD could NOT handle the countdown to the date and he FREAKED for weeks before I figured it out...DUH! Mom fail! Once I realized he was triggered by it we addressed the issue and he got better...Sometimes we forget what the triggers are or don't really THINK of them as triggers and don't address them ahead of time. Your still learning what sets him off!

    2) My husband said the triceratops is awesome! (My kids would concur)
    3) I want to see the Fei Fei pictures! I care!


  3. Love how you caught the school bus in the background of one shot!!! You should submit that to Ni Hao Y'all's Sunday Snapshot. :)

    I write about things to keep track for myself too. Today's post about our home study was so I can look back and find the date if I need to, lol.

  4. I love back to school photos!!! Thank you for sharing! We still have 10 days til we start - but we meet our teachers next week! yahoo!!! Praying some how I need to find someone to watch Elijah for me - don't think he will handle the chaos of back to school night either! :)