Monday, October 10, 2011


I am speechless . . .

I had my phone with me all day, I jsut felt like i needed it for one of my kids.  You know that feeling moms.  Our school numbers all have the prefix of 234-.  So I always call it a 234 day.   Even at the pool I had my phone with me.

Besides the phone,I had my women's bible study this morning.  It hit so close to home but I will leave that to another post, after I process it a little longer.  Anyhow, during prayer requests I choked up when I asked for prayers for FeiFei.  I didn't even realize how heavy her being returned to the orphanage already was waying upon my heart.

Boy, those ladies must have been praying!!

I looked at my phone shortly after the swimming with little man and my heart stopped.  The email simply said pictures.  I hoped against hope that they were of FeiFei and not Cavanaugh (his latest were in May, hers Aug 2010).

It took FOREVER to download, and then I saw my daughter.  A year older but more importantly full of smiles.  I was blessed with not only FeiFEi but I had to laugh at her shirt!  Cav's said OK when we sent LOI for him.  Apparently God is sending us messages through clothing and in English!  Sooo, now I know that the last leg of this journey will be just fine.  Yes, she is back in the orphanage and this momma heart will always break for my little 4 year old who has lost 2 families in her short life.  But then I was reminded that "it is better to love and lost, then to never have loved at all."

Her picture from Madison's Camp August 2010

FeiFei's referral photo and the very first picture we ever saw of her!

Shortly after we received PA we were researching Half the Sky and came across this picture!

How much our sweet girl has changed from a sweet little baby to a girl.  All of our kids were so thrilled to see the pictures of her!  

I asked our Princess if she had been praying for FeiFei.  
She said of course mom, and I thank God everyday for her. 
 I asked "Princess - did you pray for FeiFei's hair? " 
"No mom"she said
Well, God must have known what was on your heart and we showed her FeiFei's new pictures!
Insert a scream of delight
 (the one thing Princess has said from the beginning was she wanted a sister and she hoped she could do her hair!)  
As you can see from the pictures, not only does FeiFei have longer hair but she has it braided!

Watch out hairbows, and thank you God for answering the prayers of our heart!

(Of course daddy noticed she looks "naughtier" each picture we get.  Yep this little one is going to rule the world.)


  1. Gorgeous pictures and yes she does have a bit of a devilish gleam in her eye! A little spunk for your family!

  2. Oh. She. Is. A. Doll!!!!!

    I am so happy for this blessing.

    Praying for a quick process here on out!

  3. Oh, she's just adorable! I am so happy you've finally got an update. And an I800 approval by now, right?! Almost to Qingdao baby! :o)

    ~Angie J.; Raimey's mom

  4. She is an angel!!! I am so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours!

  5. Awww, can't believe I missed these! She is so sweet and strong I would say. You are so right when you say better to have loved and lost than never to have loved! What a difference foster care will have made in her life. She will know to trust people, for that, you are blessed! Travel mercies soon I hope!