Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party - Kindergarten style

Perhaps the most interesting part of this entire adoption is how we now treasure each event - as in this will be the last Halloween before our kids arrive.  Next year will be so different sharing this special occasion with our kids for the first time.  The other part of this is that I realize that my little man will soon be smack dab in the middle.  He will no longer be my baby.

**As a side note it will be interesting if he becomes a true middle child or actually the oldest of our youngest.  He is not quite 5 years younger than princess and then we will have all three little within 21 months!**

Ok back to what I was saying.   I did NOT sign up as room mom this year, or even to volunteer in the classroom - I know horrors right!  Anyhow, I did sign up for the craft for the Halloween Fall Festival.  So a few days ago little man and I went off to Joann's to find a craft and possibly a special treat to make for his class.  We found great frames for the kiddos to color BUT we also found a SO EASY looking treat of mummy cake pops.

THAT was what I spent the night making last evening.  Those ladies who make these cake pops look awesome on their blogs are fabulous, magical, I have absolutely no idea how they make these freakin things LOL!  I finally after my third trip to the grocery store came up with these pops.

The kids LOVED them and my family are so thrilled with the mistakes!!

THe best part of the day - little man said BUT mom they look like mummies who woke up - don't you see the eyes!  Yep little man I see the eyes and the white frosting NOT but thanks for not making me feel like a total culinary failure!

His part was fun, he had a blast & I was so thrilled to meet so many nice kids in his class that were polite, well mannered and best of all - liked my baby - even in his store bought costume LOL!  (I mentioned earlier post that between adoption paperwork and continuously checking forums for information this was the first year I didn't make anyone's costume!)

Don't you jsut love his eyelashes!

Let the festivities begin!  I can't wait for next year!

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