Monday, October 3, 2011


What's - ECRU!!

That's what I asked myself today.

What child would say ECRU is their favorite color - none other than our Cavanaugh!!

Yep we received our updates.

And I would LOVE more than anything to post pictures of our sweet little ones .  .  .  but someone forgot to include that in our update request!

I normally don't have fits over things like this - B - U - T it has been a YEAR since FEiFEi's last pictures. Even my sweet husband agreed that we are paying our agency and this was not our error - only because we are to green in this process to know differently.

What did we find out.

FeiFei is almost 34 inches and weighs 36 lbs.  What does this mean - um she is a big dwarf LOL!  Only in our house where no one presents according to the medical books.  We know for sure she has Achondroplasia due to the very evident trident hands we saw in one of her pictures.

She has been already moved back to the orphanage - which initially broke my heart.  After talking to some of the other moms on RQ I realized that she will atleast be able to grieve in her own language, and will not connect the loss of her foster family with our family.  Regardless, it breaks this mommy heart for her to mourn alone.  My arms jsut ache to cuddle her during another loss in her life.

On a positive note, she attends the fabulous Half the Sky little sisters program twice a day.  This will definitely help her development.  Knowing this also makes me even more determined to try and get her into preschool once she comes home.  Of course we will decide once we have her, but the recent information I have read on orphans and going to school means they are part of a family.

Her favorite colors are blue, red and yellow (but like other preschoolers this may change with the day.)

She likes milk, meat and candy - oh yeah! she is our girl!!

For Cavanaugh we found out that he is 35 inches and 33 lbs (although I am not for sure on this since this means he has lost 3 lbs since May - could be due to the layers of clothes the children wear in colder months.)  We also are unsure of how they measure him, but my guess is that his "short stature" is significant due to his legs.  His hands look BIG in the pictures so I can't wait to get him home and see .

He is potty trained (with instruction from adults) but wears a diaper at night.  This is different from his initial reports that said he was completely potty trained.  I am not very worried about this and wonder if it is partially due to his immobility - we believe he still is in a crib.

YEAH - he knows we are coming for him and he is happy about this.  Of course I take this information with a grain of salt.

BUT the best news of all is we KNOW his cribmate.  Sweet little Samuel has the most incredible family and are jsut a few weeks ahead of us in the adoption process.  I am so thrilled that 1. he has someone he is close with in the orphanage 2. we know this little boy is being adopted and who is family is.  That is HUGE!

Of course I have to laugh at the favorite color of Ecru!!

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  1. We are so happy to know you too! I am glad they are coming home close together. They are the same size! Ecru LOL. That is too funny. Praying for you and your family!!!