Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Understanding His timing?

I mentioned in a previous post that despite all of MY efforts, our paperwork has seemed to follow it's own timeline.  This basically means I have wasted a TON of money on overnight mailings that ended being delayed along the way.

We realized that HE has a plan and that we I need to be ok with this plan and believe that He has a reason for His perfect timing.  It finally dawned on us that it was because my husband co-owns a retail shop and there was a sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas which would make things a bit easier for him to be gone.


We found out today that if our 7th grader misses 10 consecutive days of school he will be unenrolled from school!


We will be gone for 2 weeks!

I freaked out, are you kidding me!

It took me a little bit, a while, all afternoon to realize that THIS is the reason for the perfect timing.  We have been thinking we would leave the very beginning of December, but I am jsut betting we will leave a week later.


Christmas (I am sure it is called something else) Break starts basically after the 16th of December.  If any of our trip falls after this time then our sweet big boy will not have any issues.  Of course that goes into the high retail season for my hubby but he seems to be fine with it.

And although I totally believe that God's timing is perfect and he does have a plan for us, I am not above asking for prayers.

I have tried homeschooling, lets just say it is better for everyone that they go to their school!

Besides we love our schools, and if we homeschool him he will miss out on his first year of basketball.  THis is not a compromise I am willing to make for him.

We are not sure if this 10 day rule will affect our other children but it would be so much easier if we didn't  have to find out.

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