Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In HIS natural splendor!

Our kids have had the weirdest school schedule, they have been out the past two weeks on Thurs and Friday.  ANyhow, we were invited by friends to join them in Estes Park, CO to see the elk and of course the changing leaves.

It was a nice break with friends and family time, and even a better a time to reflect on the incredible gift that God gave us.

I had an idea to make cards with photographs on the front as gifts when we go to China.  I know they have gorgeous areas but I am sure that they are different.  Everyone suggests to bring items from your local area, and besides beer LOL, nature is our greatest gift.  We'll see but please leave e a note if you have a thought.

I thought that some of these would work, but I have tons of other ones I still have to go through and process.

Enjoy HIS splendor!

1 comment :

  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures and such a great idea to make them into cards. Don't set the bar too high for the rest of us Qingdao AP's. :)

    ~Angie J.