Thursday, October 20, 2011

Article 5 delay!

Ugh sometimes I jsut want to scream at this process.  Really once again I overnighted all our paperwork to our agency so it could be (at our expense of course) overnighted to China to sit for a freakin week!  The worst part is that we were charged for two overnight fees at $65 each (I believe) when we all know darn well that they were placed in the same envelope.

We received a form email written for a group that our Article 5 paperwork was dropped off at the consulate YESTERDAY NOT the 12th as we were led to believe.  This backs our Article 5 pickup to Nov 2nd not next week!

You know when I started this process I swore I wouldn't succumb to this BS.  We already have double the national average of kids, so I wasn't "desperate" right - WRONG!  I NEVER expected to become so attached to a couple of pictures of a child thousands of miles away.  So attached in fact that we aren't even  willing to make waves.

This is how I feel lately ~

But then I remember that eventually, all water eventually flows down hill to another treasure.

And they are worth every penny.

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