Friday, October 21, 2011

Money vs Children

I wish I could say that I was better mood.  That I had a better perspective on the greediness of adoption.

I wish I could, BUT I am NOT.

First, let me say I am not a money person.  I am glad I am not, I couldn't imagine if this was something I had struggle with - as I sit here and blow my diet once again due to stress.

BUT this adoption is killing me.  I am so mad, and so upset more hidden fees, and today I found out a $10/day tip for the driver.  Grrr, it makes me so mad.  The I have been furious over the orphanage wiring fee - how can our agency say that they don't do any wiring when I know for a fact that most of the other agencies do.  It's art of our freaking contract we signed.  I know our daughters orphanage in fact accepts the fee wired.

Is it truly the money or something else?  Why am I fretting over this, why am I sitting her with steam coming out of my ears?  AND yes I sent a note inquiring to our agency.  I probably shouldn't have, but I am hoping that they have a great reason.

Until then though I really need to get over myself.  I have 3 fabulous kids at home who I shouldn't be short with because I am mad about this . . .

Did I mention the chocolate LOL!

So I thought about it, today.  WHY am I so mad.

We can afford it.
I am not traveling by myself with thousands of $'s in cash.
Our kids are worth way more (don't tell our agency I am sure they will find a way to get it!)

Then two things dawned on me -

I see so many people desperately fundraising to brig these kids home, and they sure as heck don't need the extra expense.


Deeper down it feels like betrayal.  Our agency is supposed to be like a friend and this ones hand is not looking out for my best interest.

I had another thought when I got home.  What does the Bible say about money vs children.

I went to biblegateway and found something VERY interesting.

There are 113 references to money in the Bible!

Wanna guess how many references to Child?

Guess -


Need I say more.  CHildren are so much more precious to Him!

Take of the shades momma all is good in His name!


  1. I am almost afraid to ask what agency you use. We found out that we will be double charged for the post adoption reports...the local agency that will do them for us (for 5 yrs) and then our placing agency will also charge us thousands of dollars for 5 yrs because well, they have to translate the stuff and send the reports apparently its worth it be double charged.

    Sadly, we're one of those families that must fundraise every single dime. But God is bigger than any mean 'ole agency and he'll provide. Because this adoption journey we're on is HIS doing and He'll take care of us.

  2. Buckle your seat belt and prepare to pay and pay. But you are right! They are worth it. My hubby and I kept saying, we COULD spend more than this on a really nice new car, but we can't take our car with us to heaven! I'm praying for you in this exciting, stressful, wonderfully terrifying time.