Thursday, October 13, 2011

A week of failures

Ugh, the past week has been such a mess.  We found out on Tuesday (monday was a legal holiday) that we were cabled on 10/7 and we received the pdf on the 11th.  Our agency has us send them a huge packet once we are cabled including our signed LSC, our signed LOI (remeber that piece of paperwork from the very beginning and our signed referral in addition to a ton of other stuff.  This reformed disorganized person wasn't ready.  I had gotten most of the items filled out when we did the paperwork for the I-800 and then hadn't looked at it since.

We got the email at 1pm and the last express mail drop off is at 3.  I quickly printed out their referrals, both english and Chinese, prayed that I still had enough color ink for both of their pictures . . . which I DID!!  Praises.  I had to make copies of the I-800's which I screwed messed up twice but was so thrilled that the home copy printer worked too!

I was thrilled that I had worked in photoshop on their passport pictures but could NOT get any of our color printers to print correctly on the photo paper.  I had meant to see if they made 8.5 x 11 photo paper for weeks but life jsut got in the way.

I grabbed my pictures on the thumbdrive, all of our papers and looked at the clock  - it was 1:55.  I was headed for Staples down the street and then thought I should try Walgreens since they did our actual passport pictures . . . all 3 times!

I explained the situation making sure I mentioned SN orphans in China.  Well those ladies were the bomb!  I told them I needed it in less then an hour, they said how about 5 minutes!  YEAH!!

Needless to say we got to the post office in plenty of time, and our agency received our package yesterday.  They were so fabulous and sent it on to China last night.

On top of that mess, I forgot never realized that our big boy didn't have school today (conferences).  Almost forgot gymnastics and little mans therapy today.

Worse of all I forgot snacks for big boys confirmation class yesterday.  Mind you I had jsut been told that they were going to unenroll him from school about 2 hours before that.  Remember this is my sweet 12 year old who comes up and says "Love you mom" a few times a day.  I mentioned as he got in the car I thought we had snacks the next few weeks.  The look on his face almost made me cry.  "No mom, it was today" he said.  Ugh stabs right to the heart.

I felt so bad all night for my failures, for not being better organized and able to juggle all their schedules better.  Then today I read a great blog on juggling.  It reminded me that it is ok for us to make mistakes, and for our children to see it.  It gave me an opportunity to apologize to my big boy.



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