Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a fun night we spent with friends.  Living in an area where all of the houses are on atleast 5 acres isn't really conducive to trick-or-treating.  But our friends always seem to remember us and invite us over. Besides having 60 degree weather (we live in Colorado it normally is COLD!!) we sat by the outdoor fire and the kids went around to the neighbors houses.  It was a blast!!

Princess and her friend dressed as an old man - great costume.  I already mentioned we went with mainly store bought htis year, but I don't think I mentioned the plethora of WHore looking costumes (and I don't use that term lightly at all!  This was by far the longest skirt we could find PERIOD - and the worst part is that she is NINE!!  Still she had to wear biker shorts underneath but over her tights.  I was really a cute costume - Frankensteins girlfriend.  But man does she look like a teenager in this picture!

Werewolf from Gymboree with some nasty teeth!

Aren't they so cute!

Mafia ganster - I was jsut thrilled he actually got to wear his suit for something!

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