Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More paperwork today!

Have I mentioned how I am much more of a creative person than an organized one!  SO we are at the waiting for article 5 phase - almost done!!  I had been hearing about needing to apply for visa's but hadn't seen anything on this - well I opened up an alternate email today to see 7 emails from our travel advisor - UGH!

Sooo, I changed my cleaning plans to filling out 5 sets of Visa's and trying to determine if we should us our agency to process them or a courier.  For once they were cheaper - I know shocking right!!

I think I have everything filled out correctly and just need everyone to sign on the dotted line in the morning and hubby to get the passports out of the safe.

Just as a note ~ I thought traveling at the end of the year would be GREAT!  Isn't it amazing how we forget what a hectic time of year this can be!  Homecoming this week (our kids go to a K-12 school so everyone participates) then halloween, then big boys birthday and THanksgiving.

Oh yeah plus packing for 5 people - I mean 7 ~ . S . E . V . E . N . people will be coming home - holy cow I think we officially might have a big family!

Did I mention we are taking only carry on!  Yep this should be interesting!  Actually I found a great packing list on rumor queen ( for only carryon.

OK back to the hectic schedule.  I normally make my kids halloween costumes.  In fact after seeing the hideous street walker costumes available in my 9 year old daughters size I knew for sure I would be making hers.  Then our LOA came, our I-800 paperwork and then that was approved and our DS 230 paperwork.  Needless to say - no sewing this year but I was able to find a remotely appropriate costume at Home Goods that will work with biker shorts!

I know I am jsut rambling but adoption has already affected our family.  It takes a ton of time, and money.  Another $1000 goes out the door with our visa's.  I know t will be worth it in the end but . it . can. be . hard - everyone wants their cut, all I want is our sweet little ones.

On a happier note - we went to the homecoming carnival tonight.  Little man played a ton of games, met his friends and pretty much left momma behind.  I was able to get some fun pics on my phone of him eating gummy bears of a paper plate that were stuck in place with chocolate syrup.  Can you say college beer drinking games LOL!

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