Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hope for Cavanaugh

During a coffee meeting today a friend brought me a newspaper article.  If you have been following our blog then you know that our sweet baby Cav will most likely be a double amputee.  HE is our story of hope, of taking the proverbial leap of faith.  All we have are pictures of his severely deformed legs, but we also have pictures of his perserverance and determination.  Our baby boy walks on his knees but also can stand up while holding on.  This is amazing since we believe he is missing the tibias (weight bearing bone ) in both of his legs.

The world of an amputee is foreign to our family.  But this story of Nikolai Louritt brings me hope.

I hope to contact this amazing young mans mother.  But even if we never speak the legacy of her daughter and her son will flourish in ours.

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  1. holding back tears here, too. my son Dylan is a above the knee amputee, brought into our family through China adoption last November. He is a joy to our lives. and, nothing stops him. nothing. blessings on your little boy!!