Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starlight Foundation Fun

It took me a long time, and finally encouragement from our friends to join the Starlight Foundation in our area.  It is a fabulous foundation but for children with life threatening illnesses or disabilities.  The problem I had - little man wasn't disabled.  By joining the foundation, I had to actually admit that my little guy was different, that his disability affected his life.  Once again I spiraled down the steps of loss and the Welcome to Holland poem once again rescued me.  That was almost 2 years ago, and I jsut laugh at myself now.  BUT it is a huge step that I believe all parents of challenged kids must go through.

One of our areas biggest sponsors are the Air Force Academy and their cadets.  THey offer man power to run events, donate space, but more importantly they make the kids feel special.  Despite the level of disability, these young 20 year olds make each child feel capable and special!

Today, the Lacrosse team offered an opportunity for the kids to come and watch a scrimmage, and then they took the kids and played with them one on one or two cadets per child.  It was incredible.  Little man brought his special lacrosse stick we had made small enough for him.  He of course won over the cadets and had them rolling with his antics and celebration dances.  

In addition, our big kids also got to participate.  It has taken me time to realize that they should be celebrated also.  Our life is very different since we had little man.  You can't fly across the country for Dr visits without all the kids being affected.  I in no way think it has had a negative impact on my kid, but it is nice to be able to do something "totally awesome" that they wouldn't be able to do if little man didn't have his issues.  So, they had a fabulous time also, with cadets giving them one on one time and giving them hints and tips.

Go little man, go!

Morgan was a scoring fiend on the Academy's head coach!

Awesome opportunity and we feel so thankful!

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