Saturday, September 17, 2011

Care Package disaster!

I have been ignoring this blog, not because I have nothing to say, but because I was so heartbroken.

Our sweet Felicity turned 4 on September 4th, and when the day closed in I lost it.  You see our sweet baby girl will

her birthday
for real.

Through out this process I thought no big deal, so what it's jsut a day.  But you know what .  .  .  it's not.

It's unfair
and my heart just breaks.

THis baby girl was found on December 4th and she looked to be about 3 months old.

and how many dwarf babies had they previously seen?

So December 4th minus 3 months = her birthdate.  That simple.

But really
Four birthdays
   Without her family
    did she ever get a cake
     a doll
     a dress

Oh wait  .  .  . that's right we sent her all of those things for her birthday!  We received fabulous pictures of the items that we bought

And we waited to hear from the 3rd party agency for an update, pictures, anything from her birthday party.

I finally hounded the 3rd party and finally found out that Felicity's agency  doesn't allow any information to be sent through a 3rd party!

I was HOT! - could I not have been told that before we bought everything!

THen I mourned.  13 yes THIRTEEN months since our last set of pictures of our sweet girl.  My heart aches to know how she looks now.

THat she is healthy and no signs of hydrocephalus, that she smiles, anything!

So friends, please pray that we receive something soon!


  1. Oh how frustrating!!!!

    Praying you hear something SOON!

  2. Praying that she received those adorable items...and that you'll get updates soon. I know it's so hard to wait! Did you get word that they wouldn't accept the care package?
    ~Angie J.; Raimey's mom