Friday, September 9, 2011

Friend's Fundraiser

This sweet family is in process of adopting their 4th child in 3 years.  AS you can imagine this process is nothing but expensive.  We are blessed with our two, I don't have a heart for fundraising and I think God knew it would put us over the edge.

I don't put fundraisers on our blog very often but this family struck me today as one we wanted to not only donate to but also ask for others to donate to.  THye have a heart for orphans AND they are stuck in the LONG line for LOA's.  Yes that paper we jsut received for 2 kiddos - we waited about 50+ days .  .  .  Well, they have been waiting 100 YES a freakin HUNDRED days for this letter.  In limbo, constantly checking emails, waiting, stressing and waiting.

If we can atleast help lift the burden of the wait by relieving the orphanage donation fee then that would be awesome.

Oh but I think I forgot to mention that it is a VER BRadley bag fundraiser!  So you also have a chance of winning a fabulous bag set!

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