Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day Valentine's

Yep we got dumped on last night.  It looked pretty bad all afternoon but by bedtime it was jsut a small dusting.  We woke up to NO SCHOOL!

After two hours of arguing, spending time in their rooms and me calling daddy to see if I might be able to venture out ~ I had an IDEA!!

Yep, Valentine making time for me and the kids!

Little man surprised me and decided on these awesome you break my heart which we found a fabulous printout online.  Of course coloring them all became an issue but some leftover cake seems to have helped with motivation!

We settled on darling orgami heart necklaces for princess who isn't allowed to bring candy and there are 52 ~ fourth graders.  Although we do have the option of making only 26 for her immediate class.

I did FeiFei's after she found the bubbles at Tar-Jay yesterday.  I got a little stuck but then saw the darling whale in my MDS (from Stampin Up) and made up these cut cards which I think I will put the bubbles in little baggies and attach them.

She of course sat with Princess and played with her princess cards.  I was a little worried about how I was going to explain a snow day to her and no school but she was thrilled to have her sister home!

And although our big boy is way to big for Valentine's he was a great sport and agreed to cut out little mans hearts!

Heehee, gotta love him using kiddie scissors - love this kid!

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