Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow much fun!

Pics from our snowstorm over the weekend.

Daddy got to use his favorite toy - 
of course with this long driveway we would have been shoveling for days!

This is where princess was shoveling while entertaining FeiFEi and Cav from my last post!

Big kids working hard for their money! 

 Ok all I have to say we are hillbillies LOL!

Yes, we have a giant (as in ride on) triceratops in our front yard by the gate.
Daddy LOVES dinosaurs.

The kids spent all afternoon making this huge igloo!

Of course our absent minded professor put on tennies eventhough daddy placed his boots next to the front door!

Hot cocoa in their igloo

Aspen - or as our newest additions call her - Asy-pan!!  She loves the snow!

Of course Gracie only stays to the sidewalks - she is FeiFei's favorite! 

Little man came out to play once it warmed up!

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  1. Snow much fun! HA! Seriously, though, I am so jealous! We have had so little snow this year in Michigan!