Saturday, February 4, 2012

SUnday Snapshot - snow giggles

Our big's spent almost all day in the snow, building forts, igloos and playing with the dogs.  Those pics will come later, but I jsut had to share the littles.

We realized we weren't quite prepared for them and the snow.  No boots for  FeiFei, no gloves for either, and oh what to do about Cav.

Then I asked princess to shovel the balcony and sent the littles after her.  They stood in the doorway and watched.

FeiFei ~ our little seaside girl ~ picked the snow right up and ate it!

Cav ~ hated it, the cold on his hands, the thought of eating snow everything.  But for a kid who screamed at the plants less than 2 months ago it is understandable!

They both laughed at Princess as she fell backwards into the huge pile!!

Sorry for the bad pics, but they were just to cute not to share!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. So CUTE and SO precious! God is truly restoring the years for Cav (Joel 2:15) You are an amazing Mom. We did the bottle with one of our ET sons. It helped him SO much.