Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feel the love!

Valentine's Day is always big around here since it is also Princess's birthday!!

Yesterday FeiFei had her preschool party which she LOVED!!

And these are the darling bubble Valentine's I made for her!
We found these great bubble bottles at Target 
and then I had a hard time coming up with a saying to go with it.

THen today was the parties for the little boys

These were the Valentine's that little man decided on.  
He colored them all and then I sewed them after filling them with m&m's

His party was a TEA PARTY for the mom's - it was SO CUTE!! and they all dressed nice too!

I actually bought Cav's Valentine's (I know HORRORS!) and then stamped them with his Name Chop from China.  It was perfect for a kiddo who doesn't really have an opinion, nor can write his name!
Of course the task of giving away his valentine's was hard ~ I am so thankful for his special needs teachers who are so patient with him!

Lastly, princess had to have 52 Valentine's all non-candy.  Luckily she is super creative and once we found these awesome puffy heart necklaces online she went to task on our snow day.  Then momma made up some cards to put them on (Stampin Up's MDS made that easy).

We decided to make jsut the footballs for the boys.

 Now some dinner out as a family (please pray that goes well LOL!) and cake.  Pictures of my birthday girl probably won't come until the weekend.  Sending love to all!

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  1. Sure do pray it goes well! We had our oven go out tonight (I LOVE my stove!) and we had to get dinner out...my hubs is tinkering away right now trying to fix the oven...definitely won't be eating out any time soon! Ouchie that's expensive!