Friday, February 10, 2012

100's Day

Due to snowstorms - we celebrated hundred's day today!

Little man had to bring in a hundred of something - so this is our idea we came up with for  our big boy.  It can be a little difficult of a concept but little man was able to articulate it to his kindergarten class.  We have learned over the years that glue dots on a canvas board works best!

His teacher is AWESOME!

They had books already made up with 10 pages which she had them put 10 stickers on each page up to 100!  Talk about FUN!!

Then she had parents send in treats sot hat the kids could work in groups making sets of 10 of 10 different  snacks.  They of course loved putting them into baggies, weighing them and then munching on them!!

Cav came with me
 I finally figured out having him sit next to me and sample the food was better than free roam of destroying the classroom!

 Next week - Valentine parties AND princess's birthday!

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