Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet as Sugar!

Ok I feel like everytime I post about FeiFei I just gush over her.

Do NOT be mistaken, everyone gushes all over her - EVErYWHERE we go!

She is almost always happy and that little edge of sadness is slowly disappearing

She is smart - as in she speaks a ton of English
(momma make food?, eat your food stinka, school tomorrow?, and counts perfectly to 10)

She is about as sweet as a child can be!

I have to say (since we have 2 children with dwarfism) 
that a huge part of this is due to what we call the HAPPY GENE!  

 This is how she is ALL the TIME!

FeiFei sat on the list for over 5. . . YES FIVE MONTHS!

She was one of the only children not quickly snapped up from an adoption Camp!

Really!! really ~

Why because she is short!
she also has the absolutely cutest little tushie,
chunky thighs
and a spirit that makes her appear 4 feet tall.

If you have room in your heart, your family, PLEASe look at these angels.

The just sit even though several are under 2 years old!
 (and I am always available to answer questions, review files etc.)



  1. FeiFei is not only adorable, but your blog has me considering dwarfism as a "doable" SN. we are traveling next week to bring home our 12 yo daughter but I have had a strong feeling that we should be bringing home 2. Obviously not in the same trip, but maybe the same year? Can you share your thoughts about Fred. We are with the agency that has his file and prefer the older kiddos for a variety of reasons.

  2. YVETTE, I am thrilled to find your blog! We are adopting a little girl with Down syndrome from New Day Foster Home and looking for her best friend's file right now. But I have to say I am having a hard time not calling my agency and telling them to lock Josiah's file!!! I am in love with that little guy. I would love to ask you some questions that you cannot really just ask on a blog forum. My email is jolierobinsonharris@gmail.com. Would you shoot me your email address so I will have it? I want to know how you think a child with dwarfism would do with three siblings with DS?

    Thanks so much!