Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple special need!

So I think we have had our last test for little FeiFei - truly I can NOT believe that for a child with dwarfism she is completely PERFECT!

I mean really, figuring out which clothes to take for her to China consumed more time than addressing her special need.

Yes she is short, yes she will be always short.

But like my husband always says - her feet reach the ground right!, then she is tall enough heehee!

Since we have very limited history on her and she snores like a grandma, we asked to have a sleep study done jsut to make sure we weren't missing anything.

Daddy and princess met FeiFei and I at the hospital last night jsut to get her settled and so she wouldn't be scared.  BECAUSE, the last time she packed up her favorite items ~ her entire life turned upside down (even if it were for the better she doesn't know this.)

FeiFei on her fun little Trunki suitcase going for a ride!

Playing around waiting for the tech - full of giggles
Sure hope she falls asleep soon!

Tech wasn't the most compassionate with trying to help us explain what was going on
(I think she thought the whole family was there to spend the night LOL)

We finally decided on tell her they were special stickers, and no owies!

All hooked up and um. . . ready for bed?!?!

Night, Night sweet princess we will see you bright and early in the morning
Thanks daddy for staying yet again!

Best of all - she JUST SNORES LOL!!
Next Dr appt - 1 year!!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. She is precious!!!!!! So glad she's just a snorer! LOL!

  2. Wow, that is awesome! So amazing! God is sooo good!

  3. Great to hear she is doing so well :)