Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Some of the things we have encountered since bringing the kids home have really surprised me.

It was fairly nice today and we went to the park.

THey had fun, and Cav really amazes me the most when I see him navigate the obstacles.  I mean really HOW, . . . HOW does this child get into a swing all by himself!

And then we encountered yet another heartbreaking episode.

Cav sat in a spinning seat my kids fondly call a plunger (it looks like an upside down plunger.)

UNTIL he was sick - beyond sick.

First let me tell you that my tan skinned child can turn a gastly color of GREY.

This was not just oh I am going to spin until I barf, or defiance or anything - this child doesn't know any better to preserve himself.  And the look in his eyes was a distant, unknowing look.

Just like our first day home and he layed completely on his back and barfed into the air.

OK sorry, that's alot of barf talk.

But isn't it a primitive reflex to turn your head and preserve your airway.

How do you teach this, but more importantly - what was done to him to cause this?

All I can say is TEARS.


  1. Oh, Yvette! I completely understand (well, not completely), but Abby did the same thing this week! She didn't vomit, but she kept spinning until I had to go grab her off the spinning tire at the park (I could tell...sickness was coming unless I intercepted and FAST). It breaks my heart. Thank the Lord they are home. Now, we just pray that their little hearts and lives become healed and bonded to us and to the Savior.

  2. Praying that God directs your every step as you guide these precious little ones through the healing process. May He be your comfort and strength.