Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Cav while we wait

I know I have other children LOL!

And we are waiting on our TA - which makes me want to sit and check the computer non-stop instead of the 1,000 things I need to do LOL!

We are yellow (this is the chart on chinaadopttalk under forums)

BUT this little - um big guy keeps us hopping!

This is how our day on Tues went

Leave the house at 7:30
8:15 - OT appt all the way down south
forgot the dang handicap sticker so run carrying his slow self to be remotely on time
call hubby to bring the sticker on his way to work.
Hubby arrives while OT is making splints for Cav's hands to help with the suspected carpal tunnel

9 am - leave OT an race back up north for our 10 am appt with prosthetist in Denver wishing we had a helicopter LOL!

10:15 - arrive - wishing I had, had time to stop for a coffee

10:15-11 - Mr Terry builds Cav's new legs, giving him a better knee and making him 1 3/4 in taller!

11-12 - Mr Terry teaches Cav how to use his new knee.  Shows me how to work it

Mr Terry - LOVES Cav and we LOVE him!!

His new KNEE!!  Gotta love the tool fabric on this leg LOL!

This knee is much beefier and he should have a more normal looking gait.  By touching his toe it bends then swings through.  He has a bad habit already of swinging his leg out to the side.  Also this leg set up will allow for him to run - we already seeing him much faster!!
12 - leave the prosthetist and promptly get lost on our way to Denver Children's for 1pm appt

1:05 - finally arrive, use Valet, see Mr Terry walking into Denver CHildren's and again run to our appt.

1:15 - Meet the hand surgeon recommended by the amputation Dr.  Well, first we met the fellow and medical student.  Show them Cav's funky hands, tell them he needs working thumbs to get his prosthetics legs on and off.

1:45 - Meet the actual hand surgeon and he takes about 2 minutes asking Cav - can you do this, how about this.  Light bulbs start flashing over everyones head as we see him try to lift his thumb away from his palm without using his fingers.

1:50 - Diagnosed with mild Radial Longitudinal Deficiency - if you think of the arm as a leg, the radius is the same as the tibia.  Basically, jsut like his longer leg and foot didn't develop right, the same happened in his arms but even more mild.  THe radial bones are a tad short but we will watch that for now.  But it caused his thumbs to become hypoplastic, and he is missing some ligaments.  This is why his thumbs have no strength and look like they dislocate when he moves them.  Heehee as I was writing stuff down on my phone - he kept saying if you google it you will see so, and so.  I finally told him that if our amputee Dr trusted him then so do we.  I jsut needed to write down the words for my husband LOL!
So Cav is between the B and C pictures
So, we are looking at tendon transfer surgery on both hands.  I also showed him Griffen's extra thumbs (cuz you so know God has a sense of humor LOL!)  We can do both boys on the same day.  The big question is should we do both of Cav's hands and be done or one at a time.  He has to do OT after they heal and this is where our insurance is lacking.

2:00 - Throw out the new splints

2:15 - Move a few halls down to see the amputee team.  I love the clinics but man it is overwhelming.  I am sure there were no less than 12 Dr's, therapists and prosthetists.  I lvoe this group - they rejoice with us at how far this boy of ours has come.  We got a few hints, they were amazed he had the knee for only 3 hours and was walking on his own, and were discussing at what age he can join the Children's ski team LOL!
X-rays to check alignment
**Cav wears his legs from the time he gets up (and momma remembers to get his socks) until bed.  They said they have never seen a bilateral amputee take to his prosthetics as well as Cav has.  I truly believe that this is because he was different without his legs in the orphanage.  And if I know anything, I know that my Chinese kids don't like to be singled out**

3:40 - finally, in the car and realize we jsut might have enough time to race back to the Springs, and see Tristan's wrestling match.

4:45 - walking into where the match is at and my phone starts dinging!  Yep, all the mom's and my hubby texting me to say he jsut won - dang!  We still went in, congratulated him in the hall and Cav got to show off his new knee to the biggest fan club!

Since daddy was home early we all went out to eat and really had a fun night.  


  1. What an amazing boy you have! My goodness it's good to see God work!

  2. OK, I'm exhausted just reading about your day and all of the appointments, not to mention having to drive around and try to get to all of them on time. Whew, I need a nap, I can imagine you and Cav were worn out, glad you had the energy to even think of going to the wrestling match. Love hearing about your boy and his progress.

  3. Ok, that post made me tired just reading it!
    You have some wonderful energy for sure.
    Cav is doing so wonderfully, it's such a blessing to see.

  4. We have the same knee.