Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another First

It's funny, I almost have to look at pictures to remind myself that Cav and Fei were not here last Halloween.

That is until we talk about Halloween and trick or treating and they give me their stare of confusion.

Yeah, lets see we dress in funny clothes, go door to door, and ask for free candy - who's the orphan now!

Anyhow, it is times like this where we are seeing the biggest gains from Cav especially.

He used to freak in a crowd, unable to filter out the noise, activity and people touching him.

We have had a melt down everytime we have gone to a large event but now not until the end when we are leaving.  I think he works so hard to hold it together that when we are done so is he.

Most people are well meaning but have no idea the effect touching him, picking him up and hugging him has on his central well being.  It breaks my heart, and usually I am ticked at the constant people who jsut don't get it.

Really, I have determined that touching and hugging our adopted children is almost as intimate to them as if I were to pick up their child and breastfeed them.   

I wonder why the people can't see the look of confusion on their faces.  But these people are also aren't enough "in" our lives to see the meltdowns later.

Anyhow, that brings us to this afternoons activities.

We carved pumpkins. . . CAN I jsut admit, I HATE pumpkin carving - or atleast the tactile part of the cleaning.

It's slimy and makes my skin crawl.

 It dawned on me - this jsut might be how Cav especially is feeling in crowded places, being touched.

Heehee I even bought the stick in face pieces hoping that would be enough - but NOOOO!

THey cleaned, they carved, and even our little ones had fun, being outside, together, laughing.

The giggles by far outweighed the tactile issues

And really there is nothing funnier then Cav determining if this was a treat or not!

I have to say this was a great First for our little ones!

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a great time for them. :)
    BTW, I'm glad you mentioned that about the kids. It's so good for others to realize that adopted children regardless of how well adjusted they seem do have things they deal with from their past. Great Mama you are!

  2. It is SUCH a personal thing for an adopted child to be touched by others and picking a child up is even more intimate to them. I've had to educate my fair share of people, but I truly hope once it's been made clear to them that it's not okay, they would respect my wishes AND my child and stop doing it!

  3. so much fun! and sensory healing through the fun of jack-o-lanterns! Elijah loves this tactile feeling - couldn't keep him out of the goop - on the other hand - Jorja HATED that part! - but she did a great job with carving! :) Praying for y'all as you get ready to travel!