Monday, October 1, 2012

Dwarfism Awareness Month ~ never apologize

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month - 
I will be posting thoughts, information about dwarfism this month!

We WON!!  Ok I can't hardly contain myself, we won the Sunday snapshot here!!

To me this single picture reminds me so much of the face of dwarfism - tiny but mighty!

I kind have shared our story a little here, but I don't think I have shared how I felt.  I cried, in fact for months I would cry.  Everytime, I saw babies born at the same time, doing something normal I would cry.  I felt like we did something wrong to cause this.  This baby who we had 1/4 of 1% chance of getting pregnant with.  The baby who we prayed for, for years and were in the process of saving for IVF.  Our son who was a miracle in our eyes, conceived naturally against all odds.  Had I somehow caused our son to be born when God knew the heartache he would have?  What would his life be like, my poor disabled son - I say that very tongue in cheek because now I can absolutely laugh at it!

Somewhere along the way we went from protecting and sheltering him, to treating him like one of the kids.  We fell in love with his unique look, his big eyes and his happy disposition!

To us he was jsut our darling baby, but man when we went out it was a circus.  I don't fault people at all, especially when he began to walk.  I would jsut pray that we could get through the grocery store without being stopped.  But invariably, our trips would take twice as long.  I slowly learned to be an advocate and educater.  

Now imagine a perfectly miniature little boy running around amongst the shoppers.  And when I say miniature I mean miniature!  These are what he wore when he was potty trained!!

Do you recognize them?

Yep Build a Bear undies, (momma sewed the back shut LOL!)

I quickly learned who was actually interested in dwarfism, and who jsut wanted to exploit our family.  I learned that some people are jsut morons, I learned that others loved our son as he was.  BUT I also learned the biggest stab in my heart came from those that felt sorry.  The ones who profusely apologized for our son - really, he is the biggest blessing of our life!

If I could tell anyone anything - it is to NEVER apologize to a mother for her child!

Every child is beautiful, they are a gift from God and they are made in His image.  Please, I beg you to look at any child and find one beautiful thing about them.  


  1. Oh my gravy! Well said, Yvette!

    When our daughter first came home my first thought was "My poor baby". Took me no time to realize she needed someone to allow her to be as normal as possible and not baby her! We help her if she truly needs help but try not to make too many accommodations. She's already accomplishing many things that my husband never thought she could do on her own.

    I was so excited when you won the Sunday Snapshot! Sooo cool!

  2. Thank you for saying NEVER APOLOGIZE TO A MOTHER FOR HER CHILD!! I am the proud Mom to a daughter with special needs (cl/cp and CDH). She is our Beijing Beauty and perfectly and wonderfully made.

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!! I am sure others would love to be inspired by you, too. Please come and add your link to my ongoing adoption blog hop.


  3. Thank you for sharing the tears and belly laughs God has brought you through. I was wondering if you could email me your pearls of wisdom from your experience with GW. We are currently with a different agency that has been nothing but completely on the ball and wonderful. But...there's a little fellow who is with GW I am praying about.
    Thanks so much,
    Sarah Risley
    jhrisley at gmaildotcom

  4. You have a beautiful little boy! And thank you for saying DO NOT APOLOGIZE, although I rarely get that since mine are adopted, I guess maybe they think its okay because we signed up for it?? Who knows, but I really enjoyed your post, and congrats on your WIN!

  5. DO NOT APOLOGIZE! Ha, I just finished talked to our orientation/mobility instructor at our first meeting. I told him one of the comments that set me on fire most is "oh, I'm so sorry" when people meet our daughter, who is blind. Are you crazy????? She is PERFECT - just the way God made her. She is PERFECTLY PERFECT in every detail! We are honored to call her daughter!

    BTW, I love FeiFei's tan line on her sweet feet! Give her a toe nibble for me!