Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dwarfism Awareness - Types

Did you know their are over 300 types of dwarfism!

However, the majority of all people with dwarfism have achondroplasia

This is what type of dwarfism FeiFei has.

Her arms and legs are short but her torso is actually about normal length. 
 So she is much smaller than her peers until she sits down, then she is right on level with them!!

We THINK (after so many genetic tests we have lost count) that Brahm has 
Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia

It means he is much more proportionate than FeiFei
Although his head is large from front to back.

On his growth charts, his head has always been 50% 
and his height and weight are way below 3% (the bottom line)

Also his hip and knee joints are different.
They are supposed to look like 1/2 a basketball
Brahm's are short and jagged which causes him his pain.

Griffen, well his type of dwarfism is still up in the air.

We think he looks like he has achondroplasia BUT he has his extra thumbs,
AND there is a type called EVC or six fingered dwarfism LOL!
So we will see when we get our hands on that darling little angel!


  1. I just want you to know that I appreciate all this info and LOVIN' the picture of Brahm and the whole post on him being mighty.
    Big Hug......

  2. Thank you so much for the info. We have a dossier that is just begging to be reused once our little Dolly makes her appearance in our home. I check the shared list all the time for a kiddo with as much true spunk as FeiFei and Brahm. I read your advice on how you found Finn. We'll keep looking until we find the child we know is ours. And, I just have to say it again (which I know makes me sound like a stalker, yet again) but FeiFei makes me smile every time I see her pictures!!! I LOVE her little swim cap!!! Could she BE any cuter?!?

  3. Thanks for being willing to share about your kids. Our kids saw someone with dwarfism recently and had some questions, I was able to show them the pictures of your kiddos and explain later to them. Praying for your kiddos and for your sweet boy waiting!