Thursday, October 11, 2012

We got ours. . . do you!

You know this girl has our heart!

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You know we love sweet Ivy, her family is the sweetest people, I have never met.

But Ivy, she is just a couple weeks older than our sweet Griffen.

She is as teeny as him - a 2 year old 
the size of a 9 month old.

She already has been through more in her life then most in their 90's 
HECk, she has been through more than most families

Sweet little Ivy has only one chance at survival AND 
so her family are taking her to the BEST!

All the way from Arizona to Boston.

BUT there are expenses, flights, copays and out of network.

Some amazing people have come together to create the cutest shirt EVER!

A very special shirt for Ivy Joy!

Would you please support Ivy's family

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