Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cav's legs - 1 month

Yeah, I am a few days late but I wanted to share our miracle called Cav.

Since he is our son, I often forget how much of a miracle he is . . . and how much he influences those around us.  His amazing accomplishments really seem to hit people in a visceral way.  He is truly a testiment to God's amazing healing power.

SO a little look at our life and how his legs have changed his/ our lives.

He loves being upright especially at school!
  Being able to participate WITH his friends in a whole new way.

These are his cute little feet and piggies.  Our kids were so excited that he has a slit between his big toe and second toe so he can wear flip flops.

Of course we had to have an emergency visit with Mr Terry.

Cav's stumpies shrunk some from walking so much and we didn't realize we needed to watch for this and then add more socks throughout the day.

Luckily, our PT noticed and we got an appt.

Do you see that silver piece - yeah he busted his knee LOL

Luckily, we were still in Denver and so back to Mr. Terry

Roller chair races but I was to tired to stop them.  Besides he needs to learn to push with his leg.

We still are working on throwing and other things but look at that boy stand and balance!


Let me remind you he has NO feet, he can not feel with his feet where his is on the cargo net, he can't balance with his toes.  He has only had these legs for 1 month and still he amazes us!


  1. He truly is amazing! Way to go Cav! You are an inspiration.

  2. I love the one of him climbing! Truly amazing! Go Cav!!

  3. P.S. Can't WAIT till you go to our favorite city...Kunming! Enjoy!

  4. Yvette - LOVE. That's about all I can say. Wish I could comment on every single photo! I can't believe what a change he's gone through - his whole posture (not just height) is different. I can see confidence where once there was none. It is a truly beautiful thing!

  5. He is incredible! And so is his family who encourages him to do things on his own!!!