Monday, October 8, 2012

Boy/Girl Room transformation

We always just figured we would throw Griffen into the little boys room which conveniently has a bunk bed and trundle.  However, our little boys are also the worst sleepers.  Although Cav has come a VERY long way since getting home he still can be a light sleeper *  And Brahm - well Brahm slept in our room for way to many years, is the biggest dang negotiator and all around a pill when it comes to bed.  Also he wakes screaming with leg (joint) pain on occasion.  I really, really was having heartburn over three little boys all trying to sleep in the same room.

Next door to the little boys room is FeiFei's room.  They share a jack and jill bathroom which is super nice.  Anyhow, someone suggested having her and Griffen share a room for atleast a few years.  Besides, she is THE best sleeper EVER!

Luckily, we made this decision right at the end of summer which means SALE!!

So we changed FeiFei's darling sea room into
  (I mean we as in I and my husband would walk by an cluck at my nesting LOL)

Into a darling boy / girl room which coordinates,
 was all on sale
 and hopefully isn't insanely busy looking.

So the bedroom furniture FeiFei had was actually originally Brahm's until we got the bunks.

It is the pottery barn kids Kendall I think which they place on sale around Christmas time.

I was so thrilled that I found a matching toddler bed at Target - YES target!!

Curtains are the bane of my existance.  I took down her pink silk curtains but alas PBK didn't have any curtains on sale.  So I found some sheers at Kohls but I am still not sure.  Or how to do the curtains BUT
Don't you LOVE the woven fish valance!
Hopefully, it doesn't look stupid.

They were on super sale so you know I HAD to get them!

 Hopefully Griffen isn't scared to death of his giant woven shark
(cuz you know it was also on super sale LOL!!)

**Ok on the light sleeping.  This has to do with the seratonin levels (according to Dr Purvis) and Cav's hypervigilant state he must have been in, in the orphanage.  I have seen light sleepers but this was beyond ridiculous.  We had music playing, a white noise air purifier on high and any creak in the room he would be awake.  And not the sleepy awake of most kids but ready to duke it out awake.  9 months later he still sleeps with the purifier, and music but atleast I can walk past the room without him waking up.


  1. LOVE the room. My boy and girl shared for the first year until we could get an addition added to the house, and they did great. My DD also has sleep issues. We have been using melatonin and it works AMAZING for us.

  2. Our Sunshine is like that with the night waking....and he's back to that 3 yrs later because of the recent adoption and all the changes. *sigh*

  3. SUPER SUPER CUTE!!! But the shark over the bed may scare would scare me! lol
    But seriously...a great use of space. I love thinking "outside the box" and you did a great job incorporating girl and boy room together.
    And I bought stock in melatonin!!! ;)

  4. Adorable!

    Cav may just be trying to adjust to Sam-Sam not kicking him in the head all night long. Sam is a deep and wild sleeper.