Friday, October 26, 2012

Griffen's care package

Our little man is in a very closed orphanage.  This means no information, no updates and no pictures.  The only reason we got the minimal information in March/April was because his file was over a year old and we were not sure if he was even still alive.

Luckily, there is a very active yahoo group which I have devoured for information.

I was heartbroken to find out that Griffen will be moved from his foster home back to the orphanage about a week before come to get him.

I can partially understand the reasoning (the assumption is they won't relate us with the loss of the only family he has ever known) but oh it jsut breaks my heart.

 In fact, it has been giving me nightmares,
 thinking of our little 2 year old,
all alone again crying himself to sleep,
in a strange place.

So, I jsut made the decision to send him a care package in hopes it will comfort him while we are gone.

A blanket to keep him warm,
a lovey,
and of course a book of our family.
Hopefully, the backpack also arrives to carry all his stuff LOL!

We actually used a different agency to send the items this year and it was way cheaper.  So even if he doesn't receive anything we pray the warm blanket and lovey will be used for a new baby, as the cycle continues.

This time we used Lillian & Gretchen with and is was so much cheaper we could take the chance!

There is mixed information about whether he will get it during this week of heartache but we are praying he will.  especially since there will be minimal time between it arriving and his arrival.

pLease would you pray for his heart over the next few weeks.

No Travel Approval today but we told our agency we would be ready at the drop of a hat.


  1. Who is your agency? We are awaiting our TA to get our special needs little girl. We are using Wasatch International out of Ogden UT. So excited for you guys too. What a beautiful family you have. Maybe we will travel together. Stephanie Martinell, Washington State

  2. Praying for your ta to arrive quickly and for your little guy:( He is the age Natey Bug was when he came home. Praying for the transitions ahead!

  3. I will be praying for your little guys transition and your heartache as you wait. They moved my guy two weeks before we came and didn't give us any info on where he had been or who with. Then 6 months after being home came to find out he was in a Christian Missionary orphanage in Beijing...which is exactly where we were and could have made the transition much easier. Not the best for the psychology of a child, but God has raised you up to help him through that.

    Especially praying that he is in your arms soon.