Monday, July 18, 2011

Back together and lessons learned from Stampin Up!

Heehee couldn't help the blog post title, but bear with me and I hope I can express my thoughts.

First of all it is so wonderful to be back together as a family!  It has been over 2 weeks and everyone has gone in different directions.

I have missed my boys fighting ;0)  Ok little man trying to beat the crude out of his BIG brother. 

I have missed the noise, the squabbles and the talking.  Did I jsut type that for real?

Seriously, our home is jsut that HOME, it is comfortable, it is what we have both created and been provided.  I feel blessed that by being good stewards of God's money we live in such a peaceful place.

If you follow along, then you will remember the big kids went to away camp the week of the fourth - it was a sale so they both went.  I explicitly made arrangements for this past week as I was going . . . gasp . . . out of town!  Long story short, I went to the Stampin Up Convention in Salt Lake City.  It was four days away from home and an airplane flight!

Now I know a lot of parents that vacation, or travel for business, but I am not one of them.  I hold the fort down at home.  This WAS A TRUE LUXURY, which I considered cancelling many times.  My sweet husband on the other hand insisted I go. 

So our big boy was signed up for all day basketball camp, our princess went to another away camp (both church so still pretty inexpensive) with her friends, and little man - he had daddy time.

I went to my first Stampin Up Convention with friends who have been for many years - so they knew the ropes.  Stampin Up is my one vice in life . . besides chocolate but that's really a need!  I love their products, and being a demonstrator has afforded me the ability to work from home.  In addition, having a blog allows me to reach out to many people near and far.  They can shop directly through my blog AND get a discount.  But I regress that's NOT what this post is about.

It is about the experiences and 'ME' time that I so often forget.  It was so interesting to be able to connect with others who have adopted or are adopting.  It felt good to answer - 5 kids when people asked how many children we had.  It was fabulous to sit down with complete strangers and be able to share God's plan and especially Cavanaugh's story. 

I'll post in the next few days about a few other major impacts this trip had, but for now I'll leave it that my sweet husband has a new understanding for my job!  He now referrs to spending days with little man like having your head in a blender! 

But most importantly, we are all home together, everyone has a renewed sense of the importance all members play in our family.  And perhaps most importantly, we feel refreshed for the arrival of our final members.  Our heart still aches to have them here but we know that soon they will be home.

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