Monday, July 11, 2011

An eye on the prize!

I know kind of an odd title, but as I was going through pictures, I jsut loved the ones that I took on the 4th of little man practicing catching a ball.  When I first became a parent I had no idea how much I would learn from my children.  This little man is inspiration to me everyday.  The sad part of his type of dwarfism is the pain he has in his joints.  His left hip is . . . well crap.  Summer days are better but we have been experiencing a lot of afternoon storms and just like a grandpa he feels the barometric pressure.

But he still goes on.  Some days he will ask to be carried, some days we just have sprout days (tv station) but he almost never complains.  Instead he is my sport kid.  He lives for sports, he spends hours practicing his different sports and he is a pretty great little athlete.

When we first got his diagnosis and the Dr's told us all of the things he shouldn't be doing we really tried to restrict his activities.  Finally we realized that sports are almost as important to him as food and water.  SOOOO, we will let him play for as long as his little body will hold up.  We pray that God has a plan for him, and we have given our heartbreak to Him.  I don't know if his sports 'career' will peak at 7 or 9 years of age but we pray that something will enter little man's life to replace his passion for sports.

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