Monday, July 25, 2011

Postcards from Holland

I was thrilled to find the entry of Postcards from Holland on the blog below. It has been a very interesting time of reflection. Not only did we lose our beloved social worker (previous post) but our little man will be five . . . YES 5 next week! We found out about his dwarfism 5 hours before he was born. Welcome to Holland has been a fabulous poem for us. Now five years later I still sometimes feel the heartache of his diagnosis, especially on his painful days. But how much have we grown, as a mom, as a family. Most importantly, without his diagnosis, we would NEVER have found us on the journey to our other 2 children.

If 5 years ago today - while I was still pregnant with all 5lb 11 oz of him, that THIS was where our journey would take us, I would have laughed. In addition, our relationship with God is SOOO much stronger and brighter. It is amazing and we feel so blessed, all due to a tiny little one born to us the beginning of August.

Postcards from Holland

It has been a fabulous ride!

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