Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heartbreak and joy

It has been a tough 24 hours.

Our beloved social worker died in a freak accident with her 3 sweet little girls.

I still laugh when I think of the fear we felt before meeting the "social worker" the first time. Now, we are your run of the mill family. We would rather play then clean - not saying it is filthy or even dirty on most days, just cluttered and disorganized. Add to the equation that we had moved 4 months before, and we were really worried. I fretted over the visits, the house, the kids. Then Laurel agreed to come to our home on a Sunday (my husbands only day off,) after church. Her first visit was Feb 6th and she was like a breathe of fresh air, quickly putting everyone at ease.

She knew I was a little freaked over the dossier to China within 6 months, and so she quickly scheduled our visits, and did our paperwork. Besides a quick homestudy, Laurel also gave us the confidence that we were 'good enough' to adopt. The extra gift she gave us . . . she approved us for 2 children when we were sure that we were only bringing FeiFei home.

When we met to sign the homestudy, she brought along her youngest, Lucy. She was amazing and sealed any reservations that we could love a child not born to us. Lucy was a gem, and little man quickly showed his 'big brother' skills with her - eventhough Lucy was atleast his size and probably outweighed him by five pounds.

When we found Cavanaugh, Laurel just smiled and gladly filled out the concurrent adoption paperwork for us. Sadly, we were supposed to meet this summer to establish a game plan for Cavanaugh's surgeries and bonding - summer just got away from us.

I am absolutely heartbroken for her husband Alex, for the whole situation. We feel so blessed to have had Laurel in our life, and as a guide on this journey.

The joy - we received notice today of our LID (lock in date). We were LID yesterday 7/19/11 - the day we lost Laurel and her girls. Knowing her, she wanted to make sure we continued on our journey to FeiFei and Cav.

Lastly, dad has set up a memorial fund and asked that donations be sent to - this is the phenomenal organization that FeiFei is lucky enough to be part of.

Please pray for her husband and family, I can not even imagine.

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