Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby blessing!

Heehee, first let me tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am that my sweet hubby knew that we were to OLD to adopt a baby!

Now I love ALL babies, I worked as a maternal child nurse for years! But it is so thrilling to add a baby to the family!

Isn't he just delicious! So sweet and big at 8 lbs with the longest fingers ever!!

And my sweet princess definately has inheritated a heart for babies!

BUT, it has been a tough week.  Such an immence rollercoaster of emotions of great highs and deep, deep lows.

My brother announced they were expecting this precious little guy the same week we announced we were adopting Feifei.  He is here, and we continue to wait - for atleast 4 more months.  This sweet little guy will be sitting before my precious little ones come home.  THis is in no way a negative but just a reminder of how long the adoption process can be.

I thought going from 1 to 2 was the hardest step in our family.  
My bits of advice -

1.  Error on the side of the oldest
2.  Never say "My Child will NEVER do ...."  
3.  Enjoy every little bit, little cry, wrinkle, etc.  Time is short and life is precious.

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