Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life with just one!

Well, our week of having an only child at home is almost over.  It's kind of fun to remember what it was like with one preschooler at home.  It's been 10 years!   Little man got to go to the $1 store twice picking out guns, bow & arrow, and ax LOL!!  I loved watching him run in with his little hand tightly grasping 2 one dollar bills.

We practiced golfing.

Played some baseball

We took care of the bunnies & chickens.  Played on the trampoline and playset.

We got stuck in a huge rainstorm, and spent the afternoon dressing up and playing pretend

Do I dare say we got caught up on laundry!!

And we really missed our big kids!!  

I also realized that this will be the last time little man and I will be alone together.  Next time this year we will have 2 four year olds and a five year old - and of course our two big kids when they aren't visiting away camp!!

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