Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth America!!

We had a low key Independence day with our fabulous little guy!  You see Away camp had a SALE!! for this week.  What's a momma to do - send the two oldest.  Now mind you I believe I registered them during an especially rough evening.  Now my kids are pretty good, but there are days . . . especially during the summer.  Anyhow, the church bulletin mentioned that this week was on sale at the camp they LOVE!!  It's about 2 hours away so I wasn't going to take jsut one - so both big kids went to camp this week.

Our big guy was in a cabin of only four kids!!  He is at such a funny stage in life - 12 1/2.  He tells me 'Love you mom' more often than in previous years.  He came to give me a side hug while I was at the princess's cabin.  This was his only chance at away camp this summer so I was thrilled we were able to figure out a time for him to go.  He wore dirty jean shorts and brought jsut one more pair for the week LOL.  Boys will be boys, but atleast I don't have to be with him!!

Princess at her cabin!  She of course packed a ton of clothes.  We couldn't check into camp until 3:45 pm but she was ready to go at about 9 am.  Last time we went we were late, and she had to settle for a bottom bunk.  This year she made sure she got a top bunk (much to her momma's detriment!!)  Even at 9 she is already sowing her oats, and quickly rushed me on my way!!  Girls, and boys are sure different little gcreatures.  Of course, the fact she has been going to this camp since she was 7 helps with her independence!!  I sure hope they have a wonderful time!!

As for the fourth, little man and I went to the parade.  Daddy decided to drop us off at the last minute so we wouldn't have to wait in line for the bus etc.   We were lucky enough to find some friends in the crowd and got front row seats!  Now little man draws a crowd where ever we go, and the parade was no exception.  Some of our big guys friends saw him and gave him high 5's and everyone else fell in love with his infectious personality!!  He was  a candy collecting,  clapping fool!

Of course his faux hawk decorated with colored hair gels didn't hurt!!  Designed by little man himself with jsut a little help from momma!

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