Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Man turns 5!!

I can't believe that our little man is 5!!  I can remember vividly going into my Dr's office, getting an ultrasound and being told that his head was 2 weeks over sized and his limbs were 6 weeks short.  As a nurse I immediately knew that they were signs of dwarfism.  I was distraught and had only 5 hours until he would be born.  Oh how I grieved over the news, and my sweet husband being my rock.  Little did I know how amazing our little guy would be.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives and although I can say I wouldn't change him, I would give anything to take away his chronic pain (he has one of the only types of dwarfism with pain.)

Now mind you he is our third and I would have been horrified if anyone ever told me I would be using snowman paper to wrap his birthday presents IN AUGUST - but hey what's a mom to do late at night when she thought it was actually holiday spiderman paper and he wouldn't really notice ugh!!

And his funny for the day - I told him all the well wishes he had from emails, texts and facebook.  He said "I am on facebook - I must be FAMOUS!!"

Happy Birthday little man, you have changed all of those around you with your joy and infectious personality.  Most importantly you taught your daddy and I that we can handle much more than we ever thought.  You are the reason we pursued adoption & I hope someday you will truly understand what an amazing gift you to this world!

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  1. A wonderful birthday to your wonderful boy :)