Monday, August 8, 2011

FeiFei's care Package

So little man had his birthday on Aug 2nd, and FeiFei's is Sept 4th.  It is SOOO hard to know she will be celebrating without us.  Even harder to know that our agency doesn't allow care packages to the child until after LOA.  BUT in a family who's love language is gifts we contacted a wonderful lady who is arranging a cake and a few presents for our little girl.  I can't wait for pictures.  Here are what we order for her.  We figured the short sleeve dress would be best since we have no idea what size FeiFei is - and her type of dwarfism (achondroplasia) her torso is "normal" for her age but her arms and legs are short.  I sure hope she loves them all and knows how very special we think she is!

We totally missed Cav's birthday but sent our LOI (letter of intent) on his birthday so we thought that was a forever birthday present.  Once we get our LOA then we will send him a care package also.

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  1. I totally get that feeling, about missing the birthday too. We missed our little guy's (waiting in China) birthday this week. We got our LOA a few days after, so we have send a late birthday care package. I'm sending up birthday prayers for your 2 little ones.