Friday, August 26, 2011

Naming our babies - Laurel

I first must tell you I am a name person.  I have always been a name person and believe that meaning and the sound of names are extremely important.

I have gone around and around about a little FeFei's name  . . and frankly the clock is ticking, we HAVE to fill out the I-800 form and include the kids names.  Although we have had her 'real' first name for months we have gone over and over about her middle name.  When our dear social worker passed, my sweet husband and I discussed changing her middle name from Hope to Laurel.  NOW as I get closer I have been second guessing myself.  SOOOO, tonight I decided to figure this out, and see what the meanings were for my list of middle names.

Then, well frankly God probably got tired of my indecisive nature and intervened.  It gives me chills jsut to type this.

I have been going through the baby name sites for a bit and was disappointed to find Laurel means Laruel tree - really I can't name my sweet angel after a tree!

I finally decided to jsut google it and found a great site.

AS I read the following words explaining the meaning of LAUREL-

"I particularly love ancient Chinese views of the laurel meaning.  In Chinese myth, the laurel plant is associated with the moon, and so shares its themes of femininity, intuitive power and immortality.  
Within the moon lives the Jade Rabbit (interestingly, Chinese symbolism of jade is very auspicious and deals with fortune, luck, wealth and status). The Jade Rabbit is a very clever herbalist and is always busy with mortar and pestle, grinding up sacred mixtures to supply the elixir of immortality to those who are worthy of it.  Laurel is said to be one of the secret ingredients used by this ancient rabbit chemist. 
This may come from Chinese legend claiming one of the eight Immortals lived in the laurel bush.  Hé Qióng, the Sacred Virgin and one of the eight Immortals picked laurel leaves and supplied them to the Jade Rabbit – this act is profound in symbolism – it speaks of tenderness, cooperation, feminine power, tradition and abiding by the infinite quality of both Time and Nature."
the news came on and who was on the T.V.?  . . . Laurel's husband!  This is not the one month anniversary, infact this is the first time I have seen him interviewed at all since the tragic accident.
OK . . . I got the message!  Our sweet babies middle name is Laurel!

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  1. I just read one of your posts on RQ and decided to look at your blog. I was surprised to see that you also live in the Springs. We are leaving for China to bring home our son in 2 weeks. Laurel was our social worker too. I love that you are naming your daughter after her. We miss her and think of her often, especially as we prepare for our trip. Many blessings to your family.