Monday, March 10, 2014

Waiting for TA

Some TA"s have been coming in 4 days - some in weeks and there seems to be a computer glitch affecting LOA's so this momma worries that will also affect TA's

I am resting in the Lord that His timing is perfect.

I however think going over spring break would be perfect LOL!  So perfect in fact that I have not planned a SINGLE thing to do that week - 3/24.

It is now the 10th,
In my mind I thought tomorrow would really be the last day we could get TA to travel for a 3/24 gotcha.

I just checked Tao's timeline to the right and realized -

NOPE - I have until the 14th - because one insane trip across the world means I CAN do it again!

And lucky me - my husband is insisting on cooking form all the old stuff in the freezers and fridge heehee (poor kids LOL).

Actually the man is pretty creative and they usually don't mind his concoctions - and at this point that means I don't have to make any meals ahead.

Because those who have done this - I am not getting much done.

I check my email,
I check my cell phone,
I RUN each time a phone rings - even if I am not home.
I check and recheck the home phone JUST ENCASE they called there and not my cell.

Yeah, it's all quite productive in getting the other things done I need to do

Like PACK,
Which BTW - I prefer traveling in winter - because this March - April thing is killing me - do I bring long sleeve (which most likely won't fit Dawson because of his dwarfism) or short sleeve because for us 68 degrees is HOT!  What about pants vs shorts - can they even wear shorts ugh.

And this Colorado girl really does not do well in humidity.

THe PLUS is I won't be wearing my summer clothes here so you would think I would get my rear in gear and pack!

As for our boy - we are praying his heart is softening towards our family.  We know from our experience with Cav to expect the worst.  THis is why I am bringing BRahm with me.  I know 11 year old boys - they like 2 things - gross and video games.  Mom is not so good at either but a particular 7 year old IS!!

Also knowing Dawson is delayed because of his time in the orphanage I am guessing they will be close in age mentally.

Again I am fully aware they might hate each other and praying that they will be instant buds.

My biggest fear is Dawson HAS to agree tot he adoption - he HAS to sign the paperwork.  Although I think this is probably mentally very good for him, and gives him a say - I have hear enough stories of kids backing out at the last minute.

We have been assured he wants to be adopted.  I trust our agency in this, and more importantly I am trusting that this is the journey God wants us to go on.

So we are constantly in prayer for his little heart.

We pray his transition will be as easy and seamless as this little guy.  Every night he prayers for his Dawson  - Ma - Dawson lub me!   We are continually prepping him that I will talk to him on the computer but he needs to stay here to help his Dolly (that's what he calls his big old daddy LOL!)


  1. not sure what part of China your headed to but just a heads up (which you probably already know) 68 in China is not 68 in the states... recently moved to South China and the temp hit 70 today and i was still in layers ... the buildings haven't warmed up yet... given I also wore my chacos (but I'm the crazy foreigner) but i probably wouldn't pack only shorts and short sleeves this early its not warm enough at all for that

  2. I've been thinking of you and praying for you and sweet Dawson. It won't be long now!!!